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The Treyvon Martin Case

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The Treyvon Martin case is one of those instances that just gets me fundamentally angry, one of those things that just stirs some deep seated feeling of fundamental injustice that sort of just bubbles and explodes. It's the reason why so many people are angry, the reason so many people are outraged, the reason the international sphere is paying attention to it.

Because it's fucking wrong.

I guess I should do this because it's what every journalism teacher ever told me. I'll provide a brief little non-convoluted run down of what is said to have happened to Treyvon Martin. Or you could just wikipedia it. That would work as well. Or you could look at any non Fox news (not that Fox isn't covering it, it's just that they're fucking stupid) outlet ever because literally everyone is fucking talking about it. Even Obama.

Treyvon Martin was a 17 year old walking home from a convenience store in a gated community in Sanford Florida when George Zimmerman, a member of the local neighborhood watch, followed Martin in his car called the police to report suspicious behavoir, saying that Martin looked like he was on drugs "or something." Anyway, for reasons currently kind of up in the air (Zimmerman said it was because he was checking the street address for the 911 call, others say it was a direct confrontation with Martin ) Zimmerman left his car, and a physical altercation ensued that resulted in the shooting death of the Martin. Police that arrived at the scene didn't arrest Zimmerman, accepting his description of events as self defense.
And now the forced not opinion shit is coming into play. People are outraged, and for good reason.

It's obvious to anyone that justice isn't being served. Actually, I'd say it's more like justice is being told to go fuck itself. Sure, the police are issuing an investigation and saying things like "this is regrettable we're sorry" in an oh-shit-is-getting-real incompetent and harshly shallow way, but that's not the crux of the issue. The issue is that in the state of Florida someone can literally shoot and kill another human being, tell a cop at the scene that it was self defense, and drive away like nothing happened. That is, like many other things stemming from this case, outrageous and disgusting. In this case justice is just waving your finger a little bit sternly at some dude who just killed some kid, some high school student.

It seems like everyone's outraged except for Fox. In a typically inept and semi retarted manner, Geraldo Rivera spouted some shit about how Martin was singled out because he was wearing a hoodie. MSN ran a story called "Trayvon Martin case: Is young, black and wearing a hoodie a recipe for disaster?"and now for some reason it's considered important that the kid was suspended in high school a couple times.

How is this of any fucking relevance in any way, shape or form? That some kid deserves to be killed because he's wearing a sweatshirt, that he's 'asking' to be followed, stalked, and ultimately killed because of the color of his skin, his age, and what he was wearing? How it is it even okay to suggest that the justification for the death of any individual can obtained because he looks like he's 'on drugs or something'? Oh and I haven't even got to the fucking unearthing school suspension weed facebook post about being a drug dealer thing.

What Treyvon Martin was wearing at the time of his death is arbitrary. It doesn't matter- it doesn't make what Zimmerman did justified, it doesn't, in the most miniscule way justify the killing of another human being. It's astounding the thought that it's somehow justified to kill someone simply because of their physical appearance is even implied. That it's alright to kill someone because you somehow detect a threat in their appearance. That's the most schizophrenically paranoid mindset anyone can have.

And the fact that journalism now has reduced to surfing through a dead teenagers facebook for incriminating evidence against him is disgusting. Even if he was a weed dealer or whatever, he was fucking walking home from a convenience store with skittles and an iced tea, and even if he was serving a school suspension for weed, it is a horrible defamatory stretch to suggest that the information in any way justifies his death. And I have no idea why anyone would do that in the first place, unless some people high up the 'crazy tree' (seriously FUCK GLEN BECK) latter are getting really nervous about the whole ordeal and looking for shit to somehow serve

And I guess according to Fox anyone who wears a hoodie no matter the fucking weather is a suspicious person and probably a drug dealer and is asking to be shot close range by the nearest psuedo-village guardian.

And back to the thing about justice being told to fuck itself. I guess it's an issue more along the lines of justice being compeltely fucking nonexistence or justice in the current state of Florida devoid of any legitimacy in any way shape or form.

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